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How It Works

Here at NOMAD, we believe everyone is creative! With that in mind, we’ve created a platform to help everyone, everywhere, to learn and share their creative processes.

Signing up for a profile is easy and free: simply click “Join” anywhere on the site and then fill out the required fields to make a searchable profile.

Once you are in your profile, you can use the lefthand dashboard column to post:

  • Available space for artists to use (for free, creative trade, or fee)
  • Events
  • Creative goods or services for sale or trade
  • Jobs

Use the orange menu bar at any time to search for spaces, events, goods & services or jobs by creative medium or location!


Now…the User Guide!

More detail on our rules can be found in our Terms and Conditions (link at bottom right of each page). Violations of these rules are grounds for permanent membership deletion.

Be respectful and prioritize safety with both physical and emotional space:

a. If someone tells you or otherwise indicates (for instance, by not returning your correspondence) that they would like you to leave them alone, you must leave them alone.

b. If someone does not leave you alone after you ask them to, please report them to us at info@nomadinternational.org.

c. This should go without saying, but don’t stalk, intimidate, or harass anyone on the site, ever.

d. Don’t send spam (unsolicited advertising) to NOMAD members.

e. Don’t deviate from the mission of NOMAD to help artists share artistic process by using NOMAD as a dating website.

f. Don’t share personal information (including photos, contact info, or stories) about other members—that stuff is for them to decide to share!

g. Don’t use any part of the NOMAD site for illegal activities, or create content about activities that are. This includes charging money for space (like your rented apartment or home) that you are not legally allowed to without explicit landlord permission. This also includes drug use, sexually explicit (beyond the realm of artistic nudity) or violent content.

h. Never use hate speech or create content that is mocking of any NOMAD member or any demographic group of human beings (for instance, groups base on race, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or mental/physical ability).

i. This is a space to learn from people of other cultures, with differing perspectives, lifestyles, beliefs, and opinions. It should be regarded as a safe space to share these differences for mutual benefit and growth.

j. Please always speak and act respectfully when encountering new and different ideas or social practices. It is not appropriate to force your way of doing things onto a fellow member.

Honor the terms and conditions, privacy policy & license/trademark agreements:

a. This means you should read them. They cover the stuff generally outlined here in further detail. We’ve done our best to word it in language that is understandable and clear in order to protect everyone who uses NOMAD, and if you have any questions, please ask us before you sign up.

b. If someone else violates the letter or spirit of any NOMAD policy, that doesn’t mean it is okay for you to (it is NOT). Notify us of any violation and we will deal that that member directly and/or terminate their membership.

Be Honest:

a. Only use one account, unless you maintain one personal account for yourself and also serve as the representative of an entity such as a business or art residency program. In no other case may two accounts be used for one person, and persons found to have more than one account risk permanent deletion of both.

b. Never provide inaccurate, false, or misleading information about yourself. Members, especially in a traveling/hosting capacity, rely on being able to make accurately informed decisions about who to share space with.

Respect the Technology:

a. Do not post anything to NOMAD that contains corrupted files, harmful code, or viruses, or that mines or steals data (refer again to the NOMAD terms and conditions for expanded information on this).

b. Please report to us immediately if you know of violations of this or any rule at info@nomadinternational.org.

When in doubt, ask! We would love to hear from you at: info@nomadinternational.org.

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